English Multi Real Sea Glass Jewelry

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    English Sea Glass Multis - The Art Glass of the Sea Glass World

    English Sea Glass Multis

    To the uninitiated, Sea Glass Multis can be a bit confusing... it's Sea Glass, but it's multi-colored? Yes!

    These extremely rare pieces of Sea Glass are truly unique. Found on just a beaches that were close to art glass studios or art glass production facilities, these little treasures were once an attempt at a paperweight... or vase... or decorative object - or whimseys created by glass blowers at the end of a long day.

    Now, they are coveted beyond all other Sea Glass. Our Sea Glass Multis come from Seaham Beach on Englands Northeast Coast. I was so fortunate to live in England for several years - and the Sea Glass collected there is stunning.

    So enjoy getting to know (or visiting again) our extensive collection!

    And, to learn all about English Sea Glass Multis, visit our blog here>>>

    27 products
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