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Bright Lime Green and White Swirled Sea Glass Marble Pendant | #9002

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Bright Lime Green and White Swirled Sea Glass Marble Pendant

One of the most unusual sea glass marbles I've ever seen... this lovely marble is a wash of bright, pure lime green with white milk glass swirls in a base of translucent clear. If you love green like I do, this may be it!

Please Note: This is a beach-found, hand-gathered Real Sea Glass marble. You will receive the exact Sea Glass pictured! Marbles ended up in the ocean for a few reasons! We used to let kids play with sling-shots at the sea shore (yep, you will put an eye out with that) and sometimes they were used as ballast. And, don't forget, some may have been barged out to sea when glass - which is made of sand - used to be discarded in the ocean. No matter how they arrived in the sea, the deeply frosted surface is lovely, and the colors swirled on the surface or hidden in their depths are fascinating.

Your Real Sea Glass

Color Lime Green & Clear
Quality Perfect
Rarity Ultra Rare/Unique
Origin Northern England
Marble Size 3/8"
Metal Sterling Silver Bail
Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain

Rarity Scale: 1. Ultra Rare, 2. Extremely Rare, 3. Rare, 4. Scarce, 5. Limited
Quality Scale: 1. Perfect, 2. Very Fine, 3. Fine, 4. Very Good, 5. Good

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What's Included with Your Real Sea Glass

  1. 12 Page Guide to Real Sea Glass & Certificate of Authenticity 
  2. A gift pouch
  3.  20Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain
  4. A Sea Glass Jewelry Care Card
  5. A Real Sea Glass Bookmark (Because you can never have too much sea glass or too many books...) 

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Real Sea Glass Size Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen