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Real Sea Glass Rarity Chart - 5" x 7" Card

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The Real Sea Glass Rarity Chart

Back in the day... an early summer day in 1976, I was roaming the shores of sea glass beach in Northern California delightedly picking up the frosted shards of sea glass at my feet.

As usual, the aquas and seafoams were my favorite - I've always been a water baby - but I loved all the colors... and that has never changed. Decades ago, long before anyone ever thought of "codifying" sea glass colors, there was basic agreement: red = rare, brown = not so rare.

But as the years have passed, and sea glass has become both increasingly rare and increasingly popular, it seems collectors often line up on one side of the debate or the other: is red more rare than turquoise? What about teal? Should dove gray come before or after olive black?

Trust me, in certain circles, the struggle is real...

So here in the Real Sea Glass studios I take this approach: I group my sea glass by degree of rarity based on 40+ years of hunting and collecting and the world-wide efforts of my sea glass hunters. And I'm here to tell you, subtle variances in which color is more rare than the other within a group can and does vary depending on the region of the world the beaches you're hunting on reside.

So, rather than going to the mat about whether turquoise or red is more rare (turquoise... sorry, I couldn't help it!) each group is represented by a degree of rarity. Please, don't get too caught up in one color being to the left or right in the group - remember... it varies depending on the beach!

And no matter what the color or placement on the Real Sea Glass Rarity Chart, sea glass is a vanishing treasure, making even the least rare colors limited - and a Bit of the Beach to be celebrated.

The Real Sea Glass Rarity Chart is printed in the United States on 100lb Matte Pure White stock for color clarity. It is a wonderful companion to your sea glass collection, allowing you to easily compare your pieces of sea glass to those on the chart.

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