The Real Sea Glass Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Beach Lover on your List- 2022 Holiday Edition

Holiday 2022 Gift Guide:

Feeling lost at sea? Don’t let holiday shopping wash away your carefree beach vibes! Our one-of-a-kind Real Sea Glass Jewelry is guaranteed to light up every face on your shopping list, so you can stay sea breezy.

With so many loved ones on your list, and so little time, you may feel flustered and perplexed every time you even think about the holiday season. 

You're looking for the perfect gift to show your friends and family you care and make the 2022 holidays truly unforgettable, right? If you're floating adrift in an endless sea of generic trinkets and baubles, let us throw you a buoy! 

Our lovingly curated collections of genuine hand-gathered, surf-tumbled sea glass (and other unique ocean treasures!) offer something for everyone, and are sure to make the beach lovers on your list feel that glorious call of the shore.

Check out our select holiday gift list of exclusive and rare Real Sea Glass jewelry to make this year merry, bright, and beachy!

For Beachy Moms and Nanas

Gift a bit of the beach to the mothers in your life with: 

1. These Heirloom Worthy Vintage Sea Glass Earrings

Depression-Era Pink Sea Glass Earrings with Sterling Silver Ocean Waves Findings

From the Ocean Waves Collection, these elegant blush pink sea glass earrings are sure to be cherished for years to come. Ranking “Extremely Rare” on the Real Sea Glass Rarity Chart, pink sea glass is mostly from pressed glassware cups popular in the Depression-era. 

2. This Porthole Locket Featuring Rare Sea Glass Colors 

Aqua, Pink, Turquoise, and Lime Green Sea Glass Porthole Locket

Stuck choosing the best sea glass color to make your mom’s day? Real Sea Glass Lockets display a magical kaleidoscope of rare sea glass colors so you don’t have to choose! The clever and whimsical porthole design makes this necklace a daily must-wear.

 3. These Blissful Swarovski Crystal and Aqua Sea Glass Earrings

Aqua and Clear Sea Glass Dangle Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Beads

Shopping for a blingy beach fan?  From our Classics Collection, these luminous aqua sea glass earrings shine even brighter with the addition of glittering Swarovski crystal beads. Perfect for a special occasion, or the nana who likes to sparkle every day!

For the Marine Critters Enthusiast 

Celebrate the animal-lovers in your life with: 

1. This Leather Necklace Featuring a Sterling Silver Sea Turtle, Seafoam Sea Glass, and Freshwater Pearl 

Seafoam Sea Glass, Sea Turtle Charm, and Freshwater Pearl Leather Necklace

From our Surfside Collection, this necklace is an ode to an animal both majestic and adorable. For those on your list in love with authentic leather beach jewelry, and our flippered friend—the amazing sea turtle.

 2. These Dainty Sterling Silver and Kelly Green Sea Glass Starfish Earrings

Petite Green Sea Glass Earrings with Sterling Silver Starfish Charms

These unique and cheerful earrings from the Beach Charmed Collection are the perfect gift for fans of the starfish’s intriguing beauty. How magical to imagine starfish mingling with bright green sea glass in the tidepools!

3. These Sterling Silver and Cornflower Blue Sea Glass Sand Dollar Pendant

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Jellybean Pendant with Sand Dollar Charm

For that friend or family member that ALWAYS finds the best sand dollars at low-tide, a gorgeous Beach Charmed sea glass pendant in stunning cobalt blue.

For Surfer Guys and Girls

Choose natural for the adventurous beach lovers in your life with: 

1. This Incredible Leather Necklace with Gray English Multi Sea Glass 

Incredible Gray on Clear English Multi Sea Glass Leather Necklace

Balanced, relaxed, and just incredibly cool, the surfers in your life will love this leather necklace. English Multi sea glass is rated Ultra Rare on the Real Sea Glass Rarity Chart, and only found on the shores of England and Scotland. This legendary glass is produced by art glass studios that have been producing medleys of gorgeous glass colors for over a hundred years.

2. This Leather Necklace Featuring a Geometric Sea Pottery Shard and Sodalite Semi-Precious Gemstone 

Dark Blue and White Sea Shard and Stormy Blue Sodalite Leather Necklace 

This Sea Shard paired with a leather necklace is the perfect gift for risk-takers and free spirits. Sea shards are vintage pottery pieces, some dating back to the Victorian era, shaped and smoothed by tumbling tides. This unique piece is paired with a semi-precious gemstone. 

3. This Bottle-Bottom Aqua Sea Glass Paired with a Freshwater Pearl on a Leather Necklace

Solid Bottle Bottom Aqua Sea Glass Paired with a Bright Ivory Pearl on a Leather Necklace

A surfer necklace for a true sea glass lover. Bottle-bottom aqua sea glass, perhaps from a colored Mason jar, beautifully bound to a freshwater pearl. 

For the Individualist 

Wow that friend that has it all with: 

1. This Sunshiny English-Multi Sea Glass Ring

A once-in-a-lifetime piece for someone that lights up your world. English Multis are Ultra Rare and each piece has a personality of its own. 

2. This Grecian Profile Sea Shard Pottery Pendant

Vintage Blue and White Scottish Sea Shard Pottery Pendant with Grecian Profile

A Sea Shard with character. This Victorian-era pottery piece with a Grecian face in profile just peeking out is the perfect gift for that someone that's always on the lookout for something unique!  

3. This Green Cat’s Eye Sea Glass Ring

Green Cat's Eye Marble Sea Glass Ring in Sterling Silver Size 8

A rare gem for a rare person. This sea glass marble is completely intact, despite years in the sea and sand. An inspiring piece for a resilient and bold person on your gift list.  

For the Love of your Life

Share the depths of your love with: 

1. This Heart-Shaped Aqua Sea Glass Pendant

Vivid Bright Aqua Sea Glass Heart Pendant

She fills your days with laughter and joy. Capture her heart with this bright and lively heart pendant. A gift to celebrate a love that makes you feel alive. 

2. This Heavenly Sun Purple Sea Glass Ring

Bring the romance with this dreamy ring. Sun purple, from 100-year-old-glass, turns this gorgeous pastel hue when exposed to sunlight. For a love that's made to last forever. 

3. This Aqua Sea Glass Sea Spray Necklace

Your love has spanned years of change, joy, growth, and abundance. This aqua sea glass necklace from the Sea Spray Collection is the perfect gift for a special love to celebrate the dance of life you step to as one.

Still have Beach-Loving Friends and Family to Shop for? Check out even more Real Sea Glass "gifts of the sea" below:

For the Hostess- These “Boozie” Amber Sea Glass Earrings

Amber Sea Glass Stack Earrings with Copper Beads

While everyone else is relaxing on their holiday, there's always that one person tirelessly wrapping gifts, cooking dinner for 20, and entertaining guests from morning to night! For the person who always makes you feel at home, warm amber sea glass and bright copper beads from the Boozies Collection—because they deserve to feel just as special! (And for you to take a break from your turkey coma to wash dishes, clean up, and pour her a drink!)  

For Fantasy Fans- This Mermaid Tail Pendant with Turquoise Sea Glass 

For the beach-bum sister who may actually be a real-life mermaid, a sea glass pendant from the Mermaid Collection. Ultra Rare turquoise sea glass was often used for art glass, making it especially unique and magical. 

And just one more...

For the December Baby- This Cornflower Blue Sea Glass Heart Pendant

December birthdays don't deserve to get lost in the holiday hustle! Let the December babes in your life know you remember their special day with this lovely heart-shaped cornflower blue "birthstone" sea glass pendant. 

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