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Sea Glass Questions

Aqua Real Sea GlassQ: What is Real Sea Glass?
A: Real sea glass is glass that has been disposed of in the sea decades to centuries ago. The sea tumbles this glass and through a process called “hydration” it becomes smooth and frosty. If sea and surf conditions, underwater landscape and weather cooperate… the surf-tumbled gems we call Real Sea Glass wash up on the beach. For more information, see our Guide to Real Sea Glass.

Q: How does glass get into the sea?
A: Good question! Back in the day, folks got the sand to make glass from the beach… and when the glass broke or was no longer needed, they put it back in the ocean. Now, please remember that this was before trash was toxic… we weren’t using plastics for everything. And the glass was is just sand, lime, soda and minerals and natural elements for coloring. Now-a-days, we don’t dump our trash in the ocean (at least not in the countries our sea glass comes from), so sea glass is a quickly vanishing treasure.

Q: Where do you get your Real Sea Glass?
A: Our real sea glass comes from all over the world. While I am no longer able to collect all the sea glass myself, I work with 15 dedicated sea glass hunters all over the world. Each of them has made sea glass hunting a life’s work… I’ve met most of these sea glass brothers and sisters on my travels, and most of them earn their living collecting these rare, jewelry quality gems. I like to say our sea glass has three times the love: the love of the sea glass hunter, the love they get as I craft them into heirloom jewelry, and the love you give them as you wear your Bit of the Beach.

About Real Sea Glass Jewelry

April Knecht of Real Sea GlassQ: Who creates Real Sea Glass jewelry and where is it created?
A: Well, me! (To learn more about me, click here.) I hand-craft each piece of jewelry you see here in my Florida panhandle studio. If you’re ever in the Panama City area and would like a tour of the studio, call or text me: 239.312.0880. Members of the Media: We are happy to give studio tours for publication, however, please give us a bit of notice to get camera ready!

Q: What materials are used in Real Sea Glass jewelry?
A: I love working with top-quality materials, there’s just nothing like the feel of working with quality materials… not to mention their impact on the finished product! For the low-down on all the materials we use, please click here>

Q: Can I request a custom design, or multiple pieces for my family, wedding, friends, etc.?
A: You bet! From wedding parties to cheerleading squads, to you pack of sisters and friends, I love creating signature beach style for special events and people. Just call, text or email: 239.312.0880.

Q: What comes with my Real Sea Glass jewelry?
A: Lots of wonderful things! Just look at the bottom of each item’s description and it will list all the goodies that come with your chosen Real Sea Glass.

Q: Can I (shower, swim, take a dip in the pool, visit a sulfur spring, bathe in battery acid… you’re getting the idea) while wearing my sea glass?

A: While each of these beach treasures is a tough survivor of decades, and sometimes centuries, of surf-tumbling and shore scattering, and can stand up admirably to daily wear, we ask that you remove your sea glass jewelry before getting wet – the metals in our jewelry don’t always like getting wet, and minerals in water can build-up over time. Otherwise, caring for your sea glass jewelry is easy, and each piece comes with a Sea Glass Jewelry Care Card!

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