Sea Glass Sea Sprays

Mix & Match Shimmering Silver & Sea Glass Sea Sprays

Sea Spray Sea GlassSea Sprays are one of our best selling collections... and probably the most versatile of all the Sea Glass jewelry - you can change the look of your Sea Spray necklace in just a few seconds!

The nautical ring each hand-hammered sterling silver spray is suspended from quickly unlocks - you can rearrange, remove and add individual sprays as the mood strikes you (or your outfit demands).

AShades of Green Sea Glass Sea Spray Necklacend, every spray on every Sea Spray Sea Glass necklace is interchangeable - you can place up to 10 or so sprays on each nautical ring. I have to admit that sometimes I rearrange them just because I can...

I hand-form and hand-hammer each sterling silver spray, locking in the Sea Glass bubble that floats on the shinning silver... and I choose the thickest pieces of sea glass for Sea Sprays for maximum "glow" factor!

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