Our Reviews

Well, here we are... RealSeaGlass.com!

For those of you who didn't meet me and my dear husband Robert at our retail store - Cannon Beach Treasure Company - that we ran for years before retiring transitioning to our online shops, let me fill you in!

Real Sea Glass as it now exists was born at Cannon Beach Treasure Company, where tens of thousands of guests embraced the colorful world of sea glass, and gave us support and encouragement as we build both CannonBeachTreasure.com and RealSeaGlass.com into realities.

What follows are some of our reviews for both worlds we inhabit... historic antiquities and the treasures of the sea!

Sharing History Robert Lewis Knecht Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyWe Love Our Guests!

Every month, we host thousands of guests here at our online store. We so appreciate your support and enthusiasm. You are the reason we are able to conserve, celebrate and share our shared history!

Hi April!  I am so excited too!!   I have been waiting for this since we first came to your shop a couple of years ago!   I love the sea glass, but also the artifacts in the cases….the necklaces etc.   We bought one of the pieces of eight necklaces for our oldest son for Christmas last year and he just loved it!  He is such a history buff that this was the best gift he said he has ever gotten!  So I am very excited to see you new site come up. - NP

Even on a misty rainy day, alone. 2400 miles from home, I found treasure at Cannon Beach! - HG

Customers and Pieces of Eight at Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyWhen I next visit Cannon Beach you all must let me treat you to lunch – you have been more than kind – you are reminders that kindhearted people do exist in this rumble-tumble world and I thank you!  Happy Autumn.......sending cool desert breezes to the Northwest. - MR

This place is amazing! We discovered it a few weeks ago, and have since taken two sets of our guests to this business...The premise is "discovered treasure"! The owners were there the last time we went, and gave the customers a history of the treasures found in the shop. It is really part museum, and part retail shop...Lots to learn! This is a must-see in Cannon Beach. - KV

My husband and I Spent an hour in this business after walking through the town on our honeymoon. It holds some of our most special memories! - JJ

April Knecht of Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyFound some really nice and well priced jewelry and want to go back next time we are in the area to find some more sunken treasure to bring home. - JH

Love their one of a kind jewelry. April and Robert are extremely knowledgeable and will make sure you find the right piece! - SS

This store is an absolute gem to Cannon Beach! We have purchased many treasures from April and Robert. They always make our visits more adventurous. - KI

Byzantine Follis Bezeld in Gold by Robert Lewis Knecht Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyBest gift I ever bought. THANK YOU! - DL

You know Robert, April and their crew are the greatest. They are all knowledgeable about what they have and will take the time to share their knowledge and experience. I highly recommend just going in and poking around. Its more fun than a museum! - SV

I've been the lucky recipient of several of April's lovely sea glass jewelry treasures. Guaranteed to please any of the beachin' gals on your shopping list! - AS

Robert Lewis Knecht Cannon Beach Treasure Company Taj Mahal Sunken TreasureMy husband and I visited you earlier this year (from our home on Camano Island) and bought two coins. The 1/2 Real set in gold for me and 1 Real set in silver for my Cajun husband Captain Griffin. We wear them everyday! I was at a party and the hostess said she loved my necklace, so I told her what it was. Then she said, "did you get it at the Treasure Shop in Cannon Beach? I just love that shop!" Of course I told her I did, and can't wait to return for another "treasure."  - CG

Sincere thanks for your generosity to Clatsop Animal Assistance and the cause of helping shelter animals find loving homes!!! – JA

Everything you post gives me goosebumps! We are becoming such treasure fans that because of Robert's suggestion my son will get a metal detector for his birthday! - CR

Dog Wax Sea Jewelry by April Knecht Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyI love, love love everything in your store! Such a cool place of history. - DH

This Place is Awesome! The people, Robert and April are welcoming! You will not leave without finding your own treasure! I did, You can too! And you will count the days until you can go back to see what's new and exciting! - MH

Very friendly and know EXACTLY what they are talking about. I am so sad this isn't near where I live, I would be very very broke if it was. Must stop in if you are near here!!! - SW

History is Fun at Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyGreat place to add as a "must see" on your vacation, or if just passing through. There are many unique artifacts and the owners are very friendly and a delight to talk to. The prices for these artifacts a very reasonable. Even if you're not looking to buy, it's still worth the time to stop by and learn a little bit about history. - KA

The customer service here is incredible!  After my husband gave me some earrings from the shop, I promptly lost one.  Robert and April went out of their way to match my remaining earring.  They were fun, professional, and caring.  Five Stars! - VP

Fun shop to visit, even to look.  The proprietors seem eager to show the items they have to any and all who visit, whether you are purchasing or just looking. - BS

Eight Reale and One Reale at Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyNot your average jewelry store. I like the historical and adventure twist since they specialize in locating lost treasures, then restoring the pieces in a variety of ways to create collectibles and jewelry. But, the store is so much more interesting than your average beach jewelry store. Unlike some other stores in the area, they are really friendly here and love to tell the tales associated with different pieces. And it isn't just pirate booty. There are treasures from all over the world, including Celtic and Roman pieces. That is my favorite kind of jewelry to collect. Something that reminds me of a special place or transports me to another time. - JK